Sphinx extensions

Multilingual doctrees

.. currentlanguage::

(no longer used) This directive solves a subtle problem when documenting multilingual Lino applications: I want to write tickets in the language of the user who reported it. That language is not necessarily English. I don’t want to translate tickets. But I want to expand ddref roles into the user’s language, not to English.


.. command::

Define a “command”, i.e. a suite of words to be typed at a command line.


Refer to a command defined elsewhere.

Don’t mix this with the built-in command role.


.. blogger_year::

Inserts a calendar for the given year with the twelve months. The individual days are linked to their respective daily entry.

.. blogger_index::

Inserts a main index page forthis blog, one entry for every year.

The refstothis directive

.. refstothis::

Inserts a bulleted list of documents referring to “this”, where “this” can be either the current document or a specified reference name.

It recognizes all references made using XRefRole roles, including for example :ref: and :doc:.

The list has currently a hard-coded, non configurable, format: one entry for each page, consisting of the title of the document where the reference was made, followed by the time of last modification of that document.

The list is ordered by these file timestamps.

If a label gets referenced more than once in a same document, it is mentioned only once.

A fictive usage example is in About foos, bars and bazes.

The complextable directive

.. complextable::

Create tables with complex cell content

Usage example (imagine that A1…B2 is more complex. It can contain other tables, headers, images, code snippets, …):

.. complextable::