Changes in atelier

Note: on you can see which version is currently the latest.


The inv pd command now uses the –omit-dir-times option of rsync.


Added a new command inv update-fixtures and a new config key fixtures_updater.


Added an option --batch for inv release.


Added two new flags on inv install of the form inv install --list (which installs the required python packages and also list and writes them into requirements-install.txt) and inv install --list-only (the later is self explanatory).


Release to PyPI : atelier 1.1.40


Fixed a misbehaviour that caused atelier to fail with Sphinx 4: avoid extlinks with an empty url template.


Bugfix: atelier.projects.Project.get_xconfig(): ignored the hard-coded default values for projects with a main_module that was installed from PyPI (i.e. without a file).

Release to PyPI: atelier 1.1.39


atelier.sphinxconf.configure() no longer imposes a hard-coded theme. When you set html_theme before calling configure, then it fills default values to html_theme_options for four themes (insipid, alabaster, pydata and rtd). The default value is insipid.


Fix a packaging issue that caused sphinx build warnings “html_static_path entry ‘…/site-packages/atelier/sphinxconf/static’ does not exist” when atelier was not installed from source code.

Release to PyPI: atelier 1.1.38


Miscellaneous changes since 2021-05-03 regarding the documentation framework. Add dependency to gitpython. See git history for details.

The atelier.sphinxconf.configure() now adds the ‘sphinx.ext.autodoc’ and ‘sphinx.ext.autosummary’ extensions only when the project’s SETUP_INFO contains a ‘name’ key. It’s a good thing to avoid loading autodoc when it is not needed, but this didn’t fix my problem.

Release to PyPI: atelier 1.1.37


Release to PyPI: atelier 1.1.36


The per_project command is now packaged using entry_points (no longer using scripts). One advantage is that it doesn’t break when atelier is installed from a clone using pip install -e and the version number changes. The srcref_url is no longer used.

Release to PyPI: atelier 1.1.35

Fix failure when public_url is unknown.


Oops, the templates were not included in the 1.1.32 and 1.1.33 pip packages.

Release to PyPI: atelier 1.1.33 and 1.1.34


New project setting make_docs_command.

Release to PyPI: atelier 1.1.32


Calling atelier.sphinxconf.configure() in a Sphinx file now also supports usage of selectable_languages, and the insipid theme is now activated.

Release to PyPI: atelier 1.1.31


When selectable_languages is given, inv bd will now automatically loop over the source directories. Removed the configuration setting build_docs_command because it is no longer needed.

The inv check command now detects more inconsistencies.


Release to pypi: atelier 1.1.30.


Calling atelier.sphinxconf.configure() in a Sphinx file now also adds the project’s SETUP_INFO to the html_context.


Calling atelier.sphinxconf.configure() in a Sphinx file now also sets atelier.current_project. New project config option selectable_languages. Miscellaneous internal optimizations. New experiemental command inv check to detect certain types of configuration errors.


Bugfix: After creating a new blog entry with inv blog, it didn’t touch the year index file. Note that you still need to manually touch the file that contains your blogger_latest directive in order to have the new blog entry get listed there.


Added a new directive blogger_latest in

Moved from GitHub to GitLab. New project home page is

Release version 1.1.29 to PyPI.


Fixed AttributeError: ‘PosixPath’ object has no attribute ‘set_times’.


atelier.test.make_docs_suite() now supports multiple exclude patterns.


New configuration setting build_docs_command. New directive cards. Change unipath to pathlib. Remove unipath dependency. Improve support for long language codes.

Release version 1.1.28 to PyPI.


New command-line option –dirty for per_project to show only projects with a dirty git status.

The inv clean command no longer asks for every individual .pyc file, just one OK to remove <count> __pycache__ directories?